New Beginnings



It has felt like forever since I last posted and it must seem like I have been doing hardly anything at all! But I have been really busy. I  felt like I needed to step away and reassess a few things about the blog and my jewellery and what direction I wanted to go in. I absolutely love having a blog. Talking about my garden, cooking and baking the fruits of the harvest and making jewellery and so I just needed to step away and figure out how I would make it work altogether. So firstly, I needed a better name for my jewellery that tied in better with my site so as you can see below my new name and logo which I really really love is TA DA…. Ó Nádúr which is irish and translates to “from nature” which I felt was quite fitting as my jewellery and work in the garden/kitchen comes from nature. Also in the logo I have a little wren perched on a branch as it is nature and it is beautiful and its irish:-). One of the smallest birds yet dubbed “king of the birds”in Ireland.

I will have a new website which will include a journal/blog where I will be writing about the garden, baking etc… and mainly how these two important things in my life inspire my jewellery. Also I will have a shop where my jewellery can be purchased!

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And so I invite everyone who has followed me on this blog to come and have a look at my new site, I would be so delighted if you would come and visit. And thank you all so much for following me in the first place, your support and for your lovely comments and likes:-) It meant the world to me, I very much appreciated them!

My new website which hopefully will be ready to go in 2 weeks is and contact address is

I am in the process of making the name change on twitter ,instagram and etsy you can find me at these addresses below:


Twitter @happynhazel 





Courgette & Pumpkin Lasagna


It has been so long since I have last posted I do apologise. I have been spending a lot of time working on my jewellery, home improvements and gardening which have taken up a lot of my time in the last couple of months.

I grew and photographed this absolute beauty of a pumpkin last month and I have been so busy I never got around to posting it until now. This was the first time we tried to grow pumpkins in our garden and we were really excited! We germinated the seeds inside and then planted them out once the second leaves were showing. We only managed to grow one which I am still quite amazed at and although he may look small in the photo he was about a medium sized pumpkin and really heavy so much so that I managed to get more than enough for this delicious vegetable lasagna and a large pot of pumpkin soup.

This dish makes a big hearty serving per person and freezes really well. Perfect for these dark rainy wintery evenings. Continue reading

Cashew Nut Butter Biscuits

2Early one morning last week I drew back the curtains and was astonished to see that overnight the garden was now completely covered with the most beautiful autumnal coloured leaves. Rich browns, bright yellows and rusty reds. So chaotic, yet so still. My heart almost skipped with the knowing delight that autumn was finally here. So it is no surprise that I had a real yearning to bake that day. I wanted some moreish biscuits with a real bite to them to feast on during the dark windy chilly evenings that we are coming into.

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Pear & Berry Frangipane


This pear and berry frangipane came about when I wanted to make something very special for my mother-in-law as it was a particularly exciting birthday. I wanted to bake something that was aesthetically a bit of a showstopper but also tasted as amazing as it looked. Not to toot my own horn too loud but boy did this frangipane tart deliver on all levels! The delicate poached pears and sharpness of the berries combined with the smooth texture of the almond flavoured frangipane filling and melt in the mouth sweet shortcrust pastry made it impossible to resist a slice on the day! I was pretty proud of myself as well:-) It may seem like a very complicated recipe but it is more straightforward than it presents itself.  Also to save time and cleaning up , the pastry and the glaze can be made the day before.

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Best Ever Wholemeal Spelt Loaf by The Happy Pear


I was kindly given a copy of The Happy Pear cookbook by my mother a few weeks ago. After flicking through the cookbook, I found myself unable to put it down. The recipes are so varied, full of colour and adventurous yet easy to recreate. Also the two brothers behind The Happy Pear have such a positive upbeat attitude to food and life which flows through the book, it was hard not to try out a few of their recipes. I was a little bit nervous about how the spelt loaf would turn out as I have been searching for a VERY long time to find an “everyday” loaf that worked for me. I have tried so many recipes and nothing was working out. It had to be healthy definitely not shop-bought but also tasted amazing and was quick to make. Well this loaf ticks ALL the boxes! I cannot say enough great things about this bread. it really is phenomenal! I urge you to try this bread for yourself! If you want to read more about The Happy Pear chaps who also have a lovely cafe and grocery store in Wicklow you can click here.   Continue reading